About Us

True Canine International

True Canine International (TCI) has the resources and experience to provide K9s and training ranging from basic to the most advanced level (including Special Forces).

TCI offers training services to include courses on narcotic detection, bomb detection, cadaver, arson, tracking, search and rescue, obedience and protection. We also have dual purpose trainings, including apprehension and home protection.

We work with government and federal agencies in training dogs for specific purposes such as tracking, bomb detection and narcotic detection. We provide K-9s to the U.S. Department of Defense and Customs; and Border Patrol.

Dog Training Services Mississippi

Located in North Texas, True Canine International offers professional canine training services to include Police K9 training, personal protection training and an in-house breeding program. Our training and bloodlines originated in Czech Republic with world renown trainer, Leos Drbohlav.