Meet Leos

Director of Training

Leos Drbohlav is an internationally renowned canine trainer and breeder with extraordinary ability in the training of working canines, canine trainers as well as the genetics associated with the breeding of working canines for use in military, law enforcement and border patrol applications.

Mr. Drbohlav has trained with the leading experts in his field and is rightly considered an expert in the science of animal behavior. Mr. Drbohlav regularly conducts seminars throughout the United States and Europe for military personnel and law enforcement. He has individually titled fifteen canines of which seven were titled at the most demanding level.

The uniqueness of Mr. Drbohlav’s training combines modern science and the understanding of training, not only with dogs but also other species – such as sea mammals. This stems from his gained experience with law enforcement and military. The foundation of his training is the merging of science and practice.


Robert Jeffrey

Executive Director

Robert Bandy Jeffrey is the Executive Director of True Canine International. As a Major in the United State Air Force, he served as an experimental test pilot. Bandy’s foundation to understand complicated systems stems from his education in Aerospace Engineering and two Master’s Degrees in Systems Engineering and Flight Test Engineering. His experience as an instructor at the Air Force Test Pilot School, teaching multi-service and multi-national test pilots how to understand and safely operate complex systems, gives him the foundation to break down complicated subjects to accessible and retainable concepts. Much like his duties as a test pilot, Bandy has studied the K9 – Handler system and solidified techniques to produce dependable results.

Located in North Texas, True Canine International offers professional canine training services to include Police K9 training, personal protection training and an in-house breeding program. Our training and bloodlines originated in Czech Republic with world renown trainer, Leos Drbohlav.